Wingless Comics

Wingless Comics is a division of Wingless Entertainment that specializes in telling stories through serialized comics and graphic novel formats. This creator-owned venture was born in December 2019, designed to highlight new characters and new stories, from a diverse and inclusive viewpoint.

Wingless Comics continues the vision of Wingless Entertainment, providing stories that show imagination without boundaries. Wingless Comics pushes the envelope with tales of compassion, intrigue, and heroism.

Wingless Comics is a platform that will let creators craft stories that resonate across cultural lines. Guided by an award-winning team of professionals, Wingless Comics will set a precedent, not only with visual spectacle but also in storytelling.

Justice #0

Since The Fall, the Archangel Justice has battled the hordes that followed Morning Star.  But when Volante, the Voice of God disappeared, everything changed.  Justice descends to Earth but mysteries from his past and enemies he’s battled for millennia await him.  In this first meeting with Morning Star, has Justice already bitten off more than he can chew?

Justice #1/2: A Simple Wish

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HER #0

In her comic book debut, the so-called “Nameless Woman” adjusts to her new life in San Francisco.  Events take a dark turn when they find a young boy, battered and bruised.  Safronia must investigate what lies behind a politician’s smile.  She might be in for more than she bargained for.

The S.A.B.R.E. Initiative #0

Spiraling out of the ashes of NIGHTFALL, The S.A.B.R.E. Initiative tells the story of Emilen Psara, a Clinton City detective falling down a rabbit hole of intrigue as she hunts a serial killer with an all too familiar calling card.

Immortalis #0

In 1429 AD at the Port of Patras, Konstantine seeks answers to a prophecy that has dire consequences for the empire. While he and his chief lieutenant, Loukas, secure the city, an unexpected assassination throws their plans into chaos.  Immortalis #0 – Skirmish, explores the chance first meeting of Konstantine and Gylou, before the siege of Constantinople would reunite them, spark a love affair, and destroy the Roman Empire.