Wingless Entertainment is proud to participate in the 20th Annual Free Comic Book Day! For the first time ever, we’re offering a digital edition of NIGHTFALL #1 to our Wingless Family for FREE! Dark Horizons is the first issue in the 5-part epic crossover, NIGHTFALL.  Characters from Constant Hustle Comics, Concept Moon Studios, and Wingless Comics collide as the world falls into darkness.  The secret order of Ouroborus has waited years unnumbered to reveal themselves to the world.  Now, the time is right and only our heroes stand in their way.

Join the Icon- Avery the Astonishing, The Hero- PRiME, The Betrayer- Secarii, The Angel- Justice, The Rogue- Kaliburn, The Mercenary- Jinx, and introducing, The Key-Lux, as pandemonium breaks loose.  The line of Hero and Villain is crossed and the worlds of three Indie Comic companies will never be the same.

NIGHTFALL #1: Dark Horizons

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