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Mobile Suit Gundam meets “A Different World.”

In a distant future, long after the fires of the Exodus Warhave subsided, tensions remain high between The Floating Islands of Elysia and Lower Earth. Elysia took victory and maintain their military superiority with robotic battle mecha of immense power called, Gears. Lower Earth receives a beacon of hope when the young cadet, Nasir “Nas” Williams stumbles across the Legendary M.A.D. (mobile armored deployable) Gear call sign, Yasuke. But if Nas is going to end the tyranny of Elysia, he’ll need his crew with him, he’ll need the band of unlikely heroes called the Air Force Ones.

Air Force ONES- Vol. 1

Nas Williams pilots a Legendary M.A.D. Gear in this 70+ page graphic novel..


Pre-Order fully painted and articulated 11 inch action figures from the series.


Get this Akira homage print and many others available with with graphic novel.


Nas Williams pilots a Legendary M.A.D. Gear in this 70+ page graphic novel..


Beware what lies behind the Doors of Night.

...and more

An immortal protector whose time has run out.


In the planet Aiye’s distant past, islands were erected and raised miles above the surface.  These islands were controlled by the Elysian Corporation and entry to this new, fertile place was restricted to the wealthiest, most prestigious and those deemed “systemically necessary.”  These classifications and the resulting unrest ignited what would be known as The Exodus WarElysia, as theFloating Islands were now called, raged war on Lower Earth, attempting to keep the masses from the peace and prosperity that the Isles enjoyed.

To control the populace, Elysia created the Elysian Defense Force, led by their most powerful weapons, The M.A.D. Gear.  But the people of Lower Earth fought back, creating Gears of their own.  The war raged without end until an armistice was called and the Pantheon Gameswere created to both celebrate the conflict and quell the fires of retribution. But this fragile peace was not to last as Elysia attacked the Pantheon Games killing thousands of civilians and reigniting the conflict. Lower Earth began turning the tide against the EDF, until the original Yasukeled a suicide attack that cost the lives of the majority of M.A.D. Gear pilots and ended the war in favor of Elysia. Since that time, no new M.A.D. Gears have been created, with the EDF moving to the smaller and more cost-effective Strike Gear models, used to both police Lower Earth and protect Elysia.

The destruction caused during the Exodus War created a Ward system of colonies of the former continents. The ruling One World Government enforced by Elysia, is a puppet government used to further the subjugation of Lower Earth.  Elysia maintains control over Lower Earth by limiting its crops, technology and social advancement. But as tensions grow, discord within Elysia itself could spell the end for their iron-fisted rule over Lower Earth.

This is the story of how three rok=okie pilots bring down and empire. This is…