Air Force Ones Maui T-Shirt


Black shirt (choose your size) with Maui and the Legendary M.A.D. Gear, Ogun on the front.

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Maximilian “Maui” Grey is Nas’ best friend and would rather spend a day repairing an engine than reading a book, but he’s still all heart. He’s also a bit of a hothead, as his passion burns close to the surface. He’s well versed in the history of the Exodus War and the use of Gears. Maui is a 3rd year cadet that met Nas on the first day of academy and they have been friends ever since. Maui uses his nickname as a way to honor his younger brother, Miles, who was killed in the Pantheon Games Attack. Maui pilots the Legendary M.A.D. Gear, Ogun- The Yellow Eyed Beast, at Nas’ side when the 7th ward is threatened with destruction by the Elysian government.

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