Air Force Ones The Commander T-Shirt


Black shirt (choose your size) with The Commander and the Legendary M.A.D. Gear, Gilgamesh on the front.

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Not much is known about The Commander apart from him having the complete faith of the Elysian Defense Force’s Admiral Cain and command of the EDF Hades Fleet.  His horribly scarred face is hidden behind a ceremonial mask and his only companion is a Valet Automaton. When the EDF attacks The 7th Ward, searching for the Princess Bahati, The Commander takes control of the last Legendary M.A.D. Gear in EDF control, Gilgamesh- The God Killer. Ruthlessly efficient, emotionless, and a great warrior, The Commander is a terror on the battlefield. He has a singular mission and no one will stop him from achieving his goal.

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