Wingless Comics Series

Wingless Comics is a division of Wingless Entertainment that specializes in telling stories through serialized comics and graphic novel formats. This creator-owned venture was born in December 2019, designed to highlight new characters and new stories, from a diverse and inclusive viewpoint.

Wingless Comics continues the vision of Wingless Entertainment, providing stories that show imagination without boundaries. Wingless Comics pushes the envelope with tales of compassion, intrigue, and heroism.

Wingless Comics is a platform that will let creators craft stories that resonate across cultural lines. Guided by an award-winning team of professionals, Wingless Comics will set a precedent, not only with visual spectacle but also in storytelling.


“In order to save Heaven, he’ll go through Hell.”
Justice has descended to Earth. He quickly finds out that the line between Heaven and Hell isn’t as black and white as he thought.  Alliances and treachery on both sides undermine what he once held true.
As he delves deeper into the dark places that consume the world, mysteries from his own past come back to haunt him. The so-called Commander of the Felix Legion is not without his secrets.
A pawn in the chess match between Morning Star and The Father, Justice must decide what path to take as the days darken.
Will he forego Paradise for a dying world? Or will he walk quietly in oblivion?


Beware what lies behind the Doors of Night.
The skies darken as Merlin enacts a ritual that will open the Doors of Night and unleash Apep, the Serpent That Will Devour the World from his imprisonment.  Standing in Merlin and his cabal’s way are heroes from both Wingless and Constant Hustle Comics.
This 5-part miniseries sees Justice- The Angel, Avery- The Icon, Kaliburn- The Rogue, Her- The Elemental, and introduces Jinx- The Mercenary and Lux- The Key, as they team up for the first time to stop Merlin and cast Apep back into his dark dimension.
Time is short and Merlin has assembled warriors of his own to stop our heroes.  Will the Doors of Night open and let evils that have festered for millennia return?  Or will our heroes come together in time to stop the Eternal Night?


“Hundreds of lifetimes led Her to this moment. Let’s hope she’s not too late.”

Who is Her? Immortal, timeless, and enduring, the so-called “Nameless Woman” is living a new reincarnated life in the heart of San Francisco. She must acclimate to a world that has left her behind and understand a people that see her as a stranger, an outsider. However, you don’t live this long without picking up enemies that are just as timeless and new foes that want Her dead. This time forever.

The S.A.B.R.E. Initiative

Be wary of promises of prosperity, progress, and peace. Darkness never dies.
The SABRE Initiative follows Clinton City Detective, Emilen Psara, as she tracks down what she believes to be a cultist serial killer. As the events of Nightfall have sent ripple effects across the nation, Clinton City has been in a tailspin: religious fanatics, political opportunists, and crooked cops are relishing the moment. Emilen must work to stop a killer who’s always one step ahead while staying above the fray as Clinton City comes unhinged.


What would you sacrifice to live forever?
As Emperor Konstantine desperately searches for the fulfillment of a prophecy that could save his empire, dark forces mount to lay siege to the city of Constantinople. At the same time, a mysterious immortal, with ties to Hell, arrives in the ports and catches the eye of the Emporer.
Immortalis tells of the last days of Constantinople; the fall of the last great Roman outpost. It’s also the story of Emperor Konstantine and Gylou before the siege of Constantinople reunites them and sparks a love affair that will destroy the Roman Empire.